Surgical Techniques for Adult Circumcision


Adult circumcision is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the foreskin from the penis. While the decision to undergo circumcision is personal and often influenced by cultural, religious, or medical reasons, it’s essential to understand the various surgical techniques available. In this blog, we will compare and contrast four common surgical techniques for adult circumcision: the conventional technique, laser circumcision, and Shang Ring technique.

Conventional Surgical Technique
Procedure: The conventional technique involves using a scalpel or surgical scissors to make an incision along the foreskin, followed by the removal of the excess tissue. The remaining skin is then sutured together.


  • Highly effective and widely practiced.
  • Allows the surgeon precise control over the procedure.
  • Well-established with a long history of use.
  • Cons:

  • May result in more postoperative discomfort compared to some other techniques.
  • Slightly longer recovery time due to sutures.
  • Slight risk of bleeding or infection.
  • Laser or RF Circumcision
    Procedure: Laser or RF circumcision employs a laser or radiofrequency device to make precise incisions and remove the foreskin, and it accurately and effectively cauterizes any wound bleeding. Therefore, this technique minimizes bleeding and reduces the risk of infection.


  • Precise and controlled incisions.
  • Reduced risk of bleeding.
  • Potentially faster healing and less pain.
  • Cons:

  • Availability and cost may vary.
  • May require specialized equipment and training.
  • Not as widely practiced as the conventional technique.
  • Shang Ring Technique
    Procedure: Similar to the Plastibell method, the Shang Ring technique utilizes a device placed around the foreskin to facilitate its removal.


  • Quick and minimally invasive.
  • Reduced risk of bleeding.
  • Shorter procedure time compared to the conventional technique.
  • Cons:

  • Limited control over cosmetic outcome.
  • Availability may vary by region.
  • Requires training in the use of the device.
  • Conclusion
    Choosing the appropriate surgical technique for adult circumcision should involve careful consideration of personal preferences, medical advice, and the surgeon’s expertise. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to discuss your options thoroughly with a qualified healthcare provider. Your decision should prioritize safety, comfort, and your desired cosmetic outcome. Ultimately, the choice of technique should align with your individual needs and preferences, ensuring a successful and satisfactory outcome.

    Note: One Stop Medical Center provides the service of Laser (RF) adult circumcision. We have two office locations in Edina, Minnesota, and Casselberry, Florida. If you are interested in vasectomy, Please fill out the online registration first, we will call you in 2 business days, or please call us at 1-888-992-0019 if any questions.

    Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service: $2950 All-Inclusive in MN and FL


    For couples desiring to expand their family after a vasectomy, the cost of reversal can often stand as a formidable barrier. However, hope shines bright with One Stop Medical Center’s commitment to affordable healthcare solutions. Offering an all-inclusive vasectomy reversal service at just $2950, this medical center has been instrumental in helping couples conceive naturally and embrace the joys of parenthood once more.

    In the United States, an estimated half a million men undergo vasectomies annually. Interestingly, around 7% of these individuals express the desire for a vasectomy reversal. While the initial cost of vasectomies is generally economical, often covered by insurance, the scenario is quite different for reversals. Couples opting for reversal procedures often find themselves facing the challenge of funding the procedure out-of-pocket, especially when performed in a hospital or surgical center.

    Pioneering Affordable Vasectomy Reversals

    One Stop Medical Center has been at the forefront of introducing an Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service over the past 10 years. This pioneering initiative continues to extend a remarkable offer of $2950, encompassing all aspects of the vasovasostomy procedure.

    The Vasovasostomy Advantage

    The vasovasostomy procedure aims to restore the severed vas deferens, essentially providing a true reversal of the vasectomy. Particularly suitable for men with shorter intervals since their vasectomy (less than 10 years), vasovasostomy (VV) takes approximately two hours to perform. This microsurgical technique, conducted under local anesthesia, ensures the reestablishment of continuity in both vas tubes through a single small incision, all facilitated by precision magnification.

    Quality Care without Compromise

    One Stop Medical Center is unique in its ability to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of care. The driving force behind this endeavor is none other than Dr. Steven Shu, the medical director. Renowned for his expertise in office procedures and dedication to assisting couples in conceiving naturally, Dr. Shu performs nearly 150-200 vasectomy reversal procedures annually.

    A Transparent Approach to Pricing

    What sets One Stop Medical Center apart is its transparent approach to pricing. By eliminating facility fees and anesthesia charges, the center remains committed to its mission of making affordable healthcare accessible to all. This commitment, coupled with a focus on delivering exceptional medical services, has positioned One Stop Medical Center as a beacon of hope for couples seeking to rekindle their dream of parenthood.


    In a world where medical expenses can often hinder dreams, One Stop Medical Center stands as a shining example of compassionate healthcare innovation. With its $2950 all-inclusive Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service, this center empowers couples to overcome financial barriers and embrace the possibility of growing their families once more. Under the guidance of Dr. Steven Shu, a trusted expert in the field, the center’s dedication to quality care resonates through each procedure, offering renewed hope to couples on their journey toward natural conception and parenthood.

    Note: One Stop Medical Center provides the service of Vasectomy Reversal. We have two office locations in Edina, Minnesota, and Casselberry, Florida. If you are interested in vasectomy Reversal, Please fill out the online registration first, we will call you in 2 business days, or please call us at 1-888-992-0019 if any questions.

    How Much Do you Know about Hemorrhoids? | Minneapolis & Orlando

    Believe it or not, everyone has had a normal hemorrhoidal tissue in their rectum and anus. It helps us to control bowel function. It’s only when your hemorrhoidal veins enlarge and become varicose veins that they’re considered abnormal or diseased.

    When hemorrhoids become inflamed, they can become painful, especially if they’re located externally. Other symptoms include anal itching, bleeding and prolapse. Unfortunately, over 10 million people suffer from inflamed hemorrhoids every year. How can something so small cause so much pain and discomfort?

    There are three types of hemorrhoids – internal, external, and mixed hemorrhoids that consist of both internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids occur above dentate line of the rectum and anal area. In contrast, external hemorrhoids are located on the outside of the body where the skin has very sensitive nerve endings.

    Internal hemorrhoids are graded from I to IV based on the degree of prolapse. Grade I hemorrhoids usually don’t have bulge with defecation; grade II lesions also bulge with defecation, but then recede spontaneously. Grade III hemorrhoids require digital replacement after prolapsing, while grade IV hemorrhoids cannot be replaced once prolapsed. There are many treatment options for internal hemorrhoids that vary based on the severity of each case.

    External hemorrhoids are those that occur outside the anal verge and affect bowel cleansing after one’s bowel movement, causing skin irritation and itching. A thrombosed external hemorrhoid is usually very painful due to rupture of one’s varicose veins, which causes blood clots and is often accompanied with swelling and irritation. These external hemorrhoids are typically treated with either an incision or removal of the clot, or with an external hemorrhoidectomy performed under local anesthesia.

    Procedure Clinic is the specialized clinic that focuses on office procedures in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Orlando, Florida. We provide complete care for all types of hemorrhoids and other common anorectal diseases with minimally invasive approaches. Dr. Shu has more than 20 years of experience in hemorrhoid care—regardless of how severe your hemorrhoids are, the kind of hemorrhoids you’re dealing with, or if you’re battling any anorectal diseases, we’ll help you find a solution.

    Procedure Clinic Offers No-scalpel, No-needle, No-suture Vasectomy in Minneapolis and Orlando

    Each year, more than half million men in the US choose to get a vasectomy, and it is estimated that almost 100 million No-Scalpel Vasectomies have been performed around the world. Getting a vasectomy is an important decision in any man’s life and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. no scalpel vasectomy is a safe and popular procedure of male contraception that is highly effective. Dr. Shu at Procedure Clinic has performed almost 6000 of such procedures in the past 20 years, and he expanded his vasectomy practice to Orlando, Fl last year.

    Things to Know About Vasectomy

    One should gather ample information and learn the facts and concepts associated with vasectomy before undergoing the procedure. Here are some things you should know about vasectomy before choosing it as a form of contraception:

  • Vasectomy is performed as a permanent form of male contraception
  • No scalpel vasectomy is much less invasive and offers quick recovery
  • Vasectomy is ideal for men who are 100% sure they do not want more children
  • Most vasectomies are done within 10 min in the doctors’ offices.
  • Vasectomies are nearly 100 percent effective and safe.
  • Sterilization for a man (vasectomy) is significantly less expensive than for a woman (tubal ligation), which may be up to five times more costly.
  • There may be little or no cost to you since most health care insurance programs cover vasectomies.
  • They don’t reduce a man’s sexual drive, virility, or ability to have or enjoy sex.
  • Limitations of Vasectomy:

    • Not 100% reversible
    • Must use other forms of birth-control for three months until sperm-free.
    • Does not prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s).

    Advantages of Vasectomy…

    • Low one-time expense often covered by insurance companies
    • More dependable than any other form of contraception including female sterilization.
    • Eliminates risks associated with birth control pills or shots and the IUD.
    • Vasectomy reversals are less costly and more successful than tubal ligation reversals (see Vasectomy Reversal).
    • No need for inconvenient and less dependable methods, so there are…
    • no more worries!!!!

    For more information on no scalpel vasectomy in Minneapolis, MN and Orlando, FL, please browse through Easy Vasectomy

    Procedure Clinic Established the New Satellite Office in the Orlando North, FL

    Minneapolis, MN (November 2nd, 2020) — Easy Vasectomy & Reversal®, a leading vasectomy and reversal program operated by One Stop Medical Center (OSMC, also Procedure Clinic) in the Minnesota has established the new satellite office in the Casellbery (Orlando North), FL.

    The satellite clinic initially opened in the Orlando by subleased the space from a clinic 6 months ago, then quickly expanded and moved into the own and independent clinic in Casellbery this month. The clinic benefits a lot of patients in Florida and the surrounding states. It uses the same practice model as that in Minnesota. The clinic operate three to four days monthly for its first year, and then increases hours accordingly. Dr. Shu commutes between the Twin Cities and Orlando. The clinic offers both Easy Vasectomy ® and Easy Vasectomy Reversal ®, as well as other common office procedures.

    “The program offers the same quality of procedures in the Orlando clinic as it does in the Twin Cities,” Says Dr. Shu, the medical director of clinic. “The program will benefit many patients in the states around each clinic.”

    About One Stop Medical Center and Dr. Shu:
    OSMC is a procedure clinic that provides a wide range of office procedure services that emphasize minimal invasion and local anesthesia, including vasectomies and vasectomy reversals. OSMC offers the most extensive range of state-of-the-art technologies in the state of Minnesota, with equipment serving every area of office surgical procedures.



    Dr. Steven Shu, MD, MBA, is a board certified laser surgeon who specializes in office procedures and has been in the practice for 20 years. He was an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota medical school from 2006 to 2012, teaching no-scalpel vasectomy and other office procedures. Dr. Shu has adopted countless revolutionary techniques to achieve ideal results with more efficiency, affordability and safety. For more information, visit:

    Steven Shu, MD, MBA
    Tel: 1-888-992-0019, 952-922-9999
    Fax: 952-922-9998

    World Vasectomy Day 2020

    In the third week of November, 8th World Vasectomy Day, the largest male-focused family planning event in history with over 1,000 providers in 30+ countries, takes the world on a historic 1 week vasectomy-athon. We will take 24 hours on November 20th to e-travel from country to country conversing with vasectomy providers, advocates for male involvement in family planning and the men who choose a vasectomy as an act of love. We will explore the current state of male involvement in family planning, learn about global efforts to make vasectomies accessible and celebrate men everywhere who have made the heroic decision to care for their families, communities and our planet.

    It might seem odd to dedicate an entire day to vasectomies, but for Dr. Shu and the other 1,000 doctors participating in World Vasectomy Day on in the third week of November, it’s an important event that spreads awareness on the most effective but underutilized methods of contraception: the vasectomy.

    With industrialization and modern medicine making it safer and easier to give birth and raise children, the world population has skyrocketed- current projections predict the world population will plateau at 11 billion. High population puts a strain on resources like food, medicine, and energy. In many areas of the world that are seeing rapid population growth, sexual education and medical resources have not caught up to other areas in society. Vasectomies are excellent for family planning in areas that are not well developed and do not have the resources that most of us take for granted.

    Dr. Shu and the Procedure Clinic are proud to support WVD for a 8th straight year. Through our collaboration efforts, we hope to make vasectomies more accessible worldwide while helping more men explore family planning options.

    World Vasectomy Day celebrates responsible men who rise up out of love for their partner, their family and our future. Please join us in supporting this movement.

    For more information, please visit World Vasectomy Day

    Managing the Unpleasant Effects of Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS) | Minneapolis & St. Paul

    One of the risks and potential effects of undergoing a vasectomy procedure is to succumb to post-vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS), a condition affecting roughly one out of every 1,000 men who opt for the surgery. Unlike acute post-surgical pain that can last two to four weeks, PVPS symptoms can persist for months or even years after completion of the vasectomy.

    This long-term pain, as you can imagine, can be truly debilitating and impact one’s quality of life. Defined as “constant or intermittent testicular pain for three months or longer with a severity that interferes with daily activities prompting the patient to seek medical treatment,” PVPS becomes even more frustrating when you consider how little is known about its treatment options. Despite a recent increase in men suffering from PVPS, a widely accepted protocol for evaluation and treatment has yet to be implemented.

    However, there are a few ways to go about managing PVPS symptoms based on the severity of the patient’s pain. There are both non-surgical and surgical options, the latter typically being a last resort.

    Non-Surgical Options

    Oral Anti-Inflammatories – Ketorolac or ibuprofen can help with pain and inflammation of the vas deferens and epididymis (sperm duct)

    Physical Therapy – Can help ease pelvic pain and discomfort that arises from testicular pain

    Spermatic Cord Anesthetic Block (SCAB)– Combines numbing medicine and a steroid anti-inflammatory to work as an anesthesia for scrotal pain

    Surgical Options

    Vasectomy Reversal – Straightforward method to undo the intended effects of the original vasectomy procedure, which should include any related side effects/pain (but this will make the patient fertile again)

    Epididymectomy – Removes the epididymis (sperm duct) entirely so that any sperm blockage/inflammation is no longer a factor (but this also permanently prevents any chance of fatherhood or vasectomy reversal)

    Microscopic spermatic cord denervation – Newer surgical method that decreases PVPS pain by removing all nerves that run adjacent to the spermatic cord, almost like a surgical version of the SCAB method above (maintains patient’s sterility)
    If you think you’re suffering from PVPS or experiencing any prolonged post-vasectomy pain, contact your doctor immediately for an evaluation.


    11 Reasons to Gift Yourself a Vasectomy This Christmas | Minneapolis & St. Paul

    The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s than by scheduling that vasectomy you’ve been thinking of doing for months? But just in case you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons to consider this low-risk, rewarding procedure.

    13 Reasons to Get a Vasectomy This Christmas

    1. Most importantly: A vasectomy is extremely effective in preventing pregnancy.
    While it’s not 100 percent effective (just like any other form of contraception or birth control that isn’t abstinence), a vasectomy yields a 99+ percent success rate.

    2. It’s reversible.
    Maybe you decide later on that you DO, in fact, want children. Whatever your reasoning, a vasectomy can easily be reversed, so you can enjoy its long-lasting benefits without the fear of permanent sterility.

    3. It’s affordable.
    Here at One Stop Medical Center, we keep our Easy VasectomyⓇ costs as transparent and fair as possible. For patients who pay with cash, check or charge card, we offer a discounted rate that’s significantly lower than those of other clinics.

    4. The risks are low.
    Our no-scalpel procedure is incredibly safe with very few potential risks or complications. While a very small percentage of patients experience post-surgery bleeding, infection or pain, a vasectomy is one of the safest procedures performed overall.

    5. Your sperm count remains unaffected.
    Vasectomies don’t halt sperm production. The procedure merely prevents your sperm from having access to being released. However, some sperm may remain in the semen for a small window of time immediately after the surgery, so be sure to use a form of birth control during this phase.

    6. The procedure only takes a few minutes to complete.
    The actual snipping takes about 10 minutes, while the entire surgery from start to finish (including setup and cleanup) requires about one hour. That’s basically one episode of Black Mirror!

    7. It doesn’t change your hormones or sexual functioning.
    A vasectomy does not affect the penis or a man’s ability to perform sexually. Most couples report that they do not experience changes in sexual activity or function following the procedure.

    8. A vasectomy is very straightforward and easy to understand.
    The whole thing is quite simple. Performed in a doctor’s office, the scrotum is opened before the two vas deferens are cut and stitched shut. Done.

    9. The recovery process is pretty quick.
    Downtime only takes about 7-10 days, with most men returning to regular activities (except heavy lifting) within two weeks. Other than keeping the area iced and avoiding straining, the recovery period is pretty chill and gives patients an excuse to lie on the couch for a few days.

    10. You and your partner can have sexual freedom.
    Think about it—never having to worry about birth control or contraception again. No more concerns about whether your partner took her pill on time, or if a last-minute run to the pharmacy is needed. So much less stressful.

    11. More vasectomies encourages more family planning worldwide.
    Our planet doesn’t have enough resources to accommodate our growing population, and many areas of the world are still being introduced to family planning. As vasectomy procedures become more accessible and culturally accepted, more men will hopefully choose the vasectomy route and participate in family planning.

    For a vasectomy consultation, please call us at 1-888-992-0019 or stop by our Edina, MN office or Orlando, FL office. We look forward to hearing from you!


    No Scalpel and No Needle: Minimal Invasive Techniques in Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ | Minnesota

    The patients always wonder how the Easy Vasectomy Reversal is performed without a scalpel and no initial skin injection. This blog explains it.

    Conventional needle anesthesia in vasectomy Reversal involves the use of a 27 gauge needle to raise a wheal at the skin of scrotum; it is then advanced its full length along the vas on each side and the deep tissue where further anesthetic solution is deposited. Dr. Shu uses the modern minimal invasive technique, exposing each vas in turn through a tiny opening in the front scrotal wall under local anesthesia. The initial local anesthesia is applied without the use of needles. A spray applicator (MadaJet®) delivers a stream of anesthetic so fine that it penetrates the skin and diffuses to a depth of about 3/16 of an inch, enough to surround and anesthetize each vas tube in turn as it is lifted into position beneath the skin. The initial numbing medication is usually enough for skin incision and vas lifting. Once the vas is identified and lifted, additional anesthetic is given to reach 100% painless effect during the whole procedure.


    No-scalpel vasectomy instruments were originally developed by Dr. Shungiang Li, in China in the mid-70’s and introduced into the United States in 1989. Many years ago, Dr. Steven Shu innovatively improved his surgical techniques on vasectomy reversal procedure (vasovasostomy) by using the same principles and no-scalpel instruments.

    A vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) is a microsurgical procedure that reconnects the vas deferens where it was interrupted by a vasectomy. A traditional approach to vasectomy reversal is to make two big incisions in each side of scrotum. Over the past decade, more surgeons adopted a single incision in the middle of the scrotum. In order to further reduce the trauma, the recovery time, the operative time, and the postoperative complications, the mini incision vasectomy reversal approach was proposed. Similar to no-scalpel vasectomy, the initial mini-incision is created using a sharp penetrating forceps that spreads the tissue apart instead of cutting it with a sharp scalpel.


    ring clamp_2

    Dr. Shu uses two important no-scalpel instruments to perform the vasectomy reversal procedure. They are simply a very pointy hemostat, used initially to make a tiny opening into anesthetized skin of the scrotal wall, and a ring clamp, used initially to secure each vas tube in turn beneath this opening.

    The refined techniques of no-scalpel Easy vasectomy reversalⓇ minimize trauma, pain and complications. The introduction of no-scalpel Easy vasectomy reversalⓇ has successfully allayed many men’s fears with regard to the scalpel.

    A Shot of Our Beautiful Clinic!

    We are one of a few surgical practices in the Twin Cities to offer an on-site surgical suite in the clinic. At Shu Cosmetic Surgery we know that patients appreciate the comfort, convenience and efficiency of having surgical procedures done in the same place they go to for office visits. No need to go through a public medical building lobby, or sit in a crowded waiting room in an off-site surgical center or hospital.

    Our office with on-site surgical suite is located in the second floor of Southdale Medical Building in Edina, with easy traffic and free parking. It is a 5000 square feet surgical center with two operating rooms, and it is the IMQ accredited ambulatory surgical facility.

    Supported by an outstanding medical team and equipped with cutting edge technology, our state-of-the-art accredited surgical center sets the standard for patient safety and high quality medical care. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our patients.