Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service: $2950 All-Inclusive in MN and FL


For couples desiring to expand their family after a vasectomy, the cost of reversal can often stand as a formidable barrier. However, hope shines bright with One Stop Medical Center’s commitment to affordable healthcare solutions. Offering an all-inclusive vasectomy reversal service at just $2950, this medical center has been instrumental in helping couples conceive naturally and embrace the joys of parenthood once more.

In the United States, an estimated half a million men undergo vasectomies annually. Interestingly, around 7% of these individuals express the desire for a vasectomy reversal. While the initial cost of vasectomies is generally economical, often covered by insurance, the scenario is quite different for reversals. Couples opting for reversal procedures often find themselves facing the challenge of funding the procedure out-of-pocket, especially when performed in a hospital or surgical center.

Pioneering Affordable Vasectomy Reversals

One Stop Medical Center has been at the forefront of introducing an Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service over the past 10 years. This pioneering initiative continues to extend a remarkable offer of $2950, encompassing all aspects of the vasovasostomy procedure.

The Vasovasostomy Advantage

The vasovasostomy procedure aims to restore the severed vas deferens, essentially providing a true reversal of the vasectomy. Particularly suitable for men with shorter intervals since their vasectomy (less than 10 years), vasovasostomy (VV) takes approximately two hours to perform. This microsurgical technique, conducted under local anesthesia, ensures the reestablishment of continuity in both vas tubes through a single small incision, all facilitated by precision magnification.

Quality Care without Compromise

One Stop Medical Center is unique in its ability to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of care. The driving force behind this endeavor is none other than Dr. Steven Shu, the medical director. Renowned for his expertise in office procedures and dedication to assisting couples in conceiving naturally, Dr. Shu performs nearly 150-200 vasectomy reversal procedures annually.

A Transparent Approach to Pricing

What sets One Stop Medical Center apart is its transparent approach to pricing. By eliminating facility fees and anesthesia charges, the center remains committed to its mission of making affordable healthcare accessible to all. This commitment, coupled with a focus on delivering exceptional medical services, has positioned One Stop Medical Center as a beacon of hope for couples seeking to rekindle their dream of parenthood.


In a world where medical expenses can often hinder dreams, One Stop Medical Center stands as a shining example of compassionate healthcare innovation. With its $2950 all-inclusive Affordable Vasectomy Reversal Service, this center empowers couples to overcome financial barriers and embrace the possibility of growing their families once more. Under the guidance of Dr. Steven Shu, a trusted expert in the field, the center’s dedication to quality care resonates through each procedure, offering renewed hope to couples on their journey toward natural conception and parenthood.

Note: One Stop Medical Center provides the service of Vasectomy Reversal. We have two office locations in Edina, Minnesota, and Casselberry, Florida. If you are interested in vasectomy Reversal, Please fill out the online registration first, we will call you in 2 business days, or please call us at 1-888-992-0019 if any questions.

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