Jun 2019 Make Men Smile™ Haiti Mission

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June 18 – June 22, The Surgical Mission through the collaboration of Surgical Volunteers and Medical Volunteers International (MVI)

Dr. Steven Shu led a small group of American doctors from the United States and went to the Cap Haitien, Haiti from June 18 to June 22 to initiate “Make Men Smile™” hydrocele program. The program was supported by the Surgeon Volunteers ( surgeonvolunteers.org) and Medical Volunteers International (medvolunteers.org) and provided free surgical care for local patients with filarial hydroceles.

The medical mission team consisted of 5 team members, including 3 surgeons (Dr. Steven Shu, urologist Dr. Kevin Lee, and local haitian surgeon Dr.Bright) and an office proceduralist Dr. Peiyi Hu, and a local haitian CRNA.

The surgical mission was carried out in the New Hope hospital. 20 patients with large filarial hydroceles were operated, including 3 cases needed scrotoplasty.

“Make Men Smile™” hydrocele mission will be carried out three time a year.