Easy Adult Hydrocelectomy™ Pre & Post Instructions

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Preparation For Day of Surgery:

  • To prevent the possibility of increased bleeding, do not take aspirin or other blood thinners for 7 days before the procedure.
  • Clean your genitals and surrounding area very well.
  • Make arrangements for someone to drive you home after surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery:

  • You will have some discomfort and pain in your scrotum. You may alternate Tylenol with NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen every 4-6 hours as needed. Avoid Aspirin, because it may cause bleeding. If these medications don’t control pain, please contact us.
  • The scrotum and testicle(s) may be tender for up to one month. Your scrotum may be very swollen for several days and up to a couple of weeks after surgery. Ice packs should be placed on and off the genitals for the first 48 hours. Frozen peas or an ice pack can be frozen, used and re-frozen. Fifteen minutes on and 15 minutes off is the recommended schedule. Use a thin cloth or towel in between the skin and ice pack to reduce skin irritation. Ice is a good pain reliever and keeps the swelling down.
  • You may shower after 48 hours. Do not soak in a bathtub, swimming pool, or hot tub for 14 days, until your incision is healed. For the first week, keep the wound clean and dry. Keep the wound covered with a gauze or Maxi pad. Change the pad daily. For the first 2 weeks, wear a scrotal supporter at all times, then as needed.
  • Activities: You may go back to work in a week with restriction. Do not lift more than 20 pounds for 3 weeks. No sex for 7 days

Problems to Report:

  • Fever or 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • Moderate or severe Redness and swelling of the genital area that appears to be spreading.
  • Significant bleeding that soaks the dressing in 1 hour or less
  • Pus-like drainage from the incision
  • Severe pain that does not improve with pain medicine.

Follow-Up Our office should call you within 1-2 business day to check you. Please set up your first follow-up appointment in 7-14 days after surgery.

Contact Information
If you need to contact us for post-operatively concerns, if symptoms are mild to moderate or of low concern, please call Tel: 952-922-9999, or 1-888-992-0019. If you symptoms are severe and/or very concerning in the after hours, please text Dr. Shu with your questions and pictures as instructed.