Factors that Aggravate the Varicose Veins | Minnesota

In the previous blog, we discussed the mechanism of varicose veins in Minnesotan patients. Correct functioning of the venous system depends on a complex series of valves. Varicose veins develop slowly when the frail valves of veins are dysfunctional.

There are many factors that aggravate the varicose veins. Most of them are reversible, meaning the varicose veins won’t develop or improve if we avoid these aggravating factors.

We can’t stop the aging process. Generally, most elderly individuals show some degree of varicose vein occurrence.

Prolonged standing can be avoided. If your job requires prolonged standing, you may want to consider wearing compression stockings.

Pregnancy can aggravate varicose veins through 3 mechanisms. 1. Pressure on the veins by the weight of the growing uterus; 2. Increased blood volume; 3. The relaxation effects of the hormones estrogen and progesterone on the vein walls.

Obesity is another reversible factor; loss of weight may help to improve varicose veins.

Straining due to chronic medical problems such as chronic constipation aggravates varicose veins. Actively managing the constipation may improve varicose veins, so is hemorrhoid.

If you just start developing the varicose vein and spider veins, especially you have symptoms such as pain and discomfort, you should wear compression stocking every day. In the meantime, you should seek the consultation with vein specialist and medical treatments as early as possible.

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