Minimal Invasive Lipoma Removal with Liposuction

Lipomas are the most common benign tumor of the soft tissue, often presenting as soft subcutaneous masses. These mass lesions are often removed if they become symptomatic, grow fast or for cosmetic reasons. The large majority of lipomas appear as small, single mass lesions that are usually removed by surgical excision.

However, surgical removal of large lipomas may result in significant scarring. The minimally invasive removal of large lipomas with Liposuction technologies is a new method to excise the lipoma without scarring.

Under tumescent local anesthesia, liposuction is performed with new lipo technologies, such as Vaser or laser. There is a small puncture wound in the skin, but no big incision. This technique is a minimally invasive and effective method of lipoma removal, resulting in an excellent cosmetic outcome.