Why is Colonoscopy so Important in Minnesota?

According to reports from the National Cancer Institute, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the US. 1 in 17 people in Minnesota will develop colorectal cancer. Deaths from colorectal cancer rank third after lung and prostate cancer for men and third after lung and breast cancer for women.

Research shows that regular colon cancer screening saves lives. Colonoscopy is one of the most effective exams for preventing colorectal cancer or for early diagnosis. Researchers reported in The New England Journal of Medicine last year that the death rate from colorectal cancer was cut by 53 percent in those who had the colonoscopy exam and whose doctors removed precancerous growths, known as adenomatous polyps.

Removing precancerous polyps can help prevent the development of colorectal cancer since colon cancers usually develop from adenomatous polyps. Just like any cancer, the earlier it is found, the easier it is treated.

Although more people in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas have regular colonoscopy screening exams, many qualified people in Minnesota haven’t had any colonoscopy tests yet. One Stop Medical Center offers convenient and affordable colonoscopy in its Edina office. Our patient friendly formula makes bowel preparation much easier.

The Cost of Colonoscopy in Minnesota

People in Minnesota often wonder what the cost of colonoscopy is before they schedule the procedure. With higher health insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, more patients feel a financial burden to have routine medical exams such as colonoscopy, and they are looking for the affordable options.

Traditionally, colonoscopy is performed in a hospital setting. In the past decade, more colonoscopies are performed in an ambulatory setting, which is less expensive than having the procedure done in a hospital setting. The patients usually receive two bills; one for the physician fee and one for the facility fee. The most afforable colonoscopy is usually performed in a clinic, where the physician fee is charged without the facility fee.

One Stop Medical Center provides the affordable routine colonoscopy Edina, MN. We charge the physician fee only (estimated $1100) and we also offer a 20% discount to self-pay patients. We are unable to guarantee the exact dollar amount of your individual procedure. Biopsy and/or polyp removal will increase the cost of colonoscopy.

This price includes the sedation used during colonoscopy, but it does not include the biopsy or polypectomy (polyp removal) or fees from the pathologist (physician who examines biopsied specimen).

Most health insurance plans cover over colonoscopy exams. Because coverage varies, you should check with your insurer to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs.