Sphincterotomy for Anal Fissure

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Introduction | Sphincterotomy FAQ

Can the procedure be done in the doctor’s office?

Yes, partial anal sphincterotomy can be performed in the comfort of the office under local anesthesia.  We perform less invasive surgeries using a radio frequency equipment.

How long is the procedure?

About 20 minutes.

Does the insurance cover for the surgery?


Does it hurt? Any risks?

Pain is typically mild, and patients should alternate warm sitz baths with ice packs to reduce discomfort. Antibiotics may be prescribed as a precautionary measure against infection. The common surgical complications include the infection and bleeding. The worst side effect is fecal incontinence if the patients have pre-existing marginal incontinence, and if the surgeon cut too deep into the sphincter.

What is the effective rate of the surgery?

At least 90%.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

You will be given the pre-op bowel prep instructions.

Will anal fissure come back?

Recurring anal fissure may occur, although rarely. A sensible diet, moderate exercise, and proper bowel habits are helpful to prevent the recurrences.