Feedback from Our Vasectomy Patients (1) | Minnesota

Here are the feedback from our vasectomy patients (1).

• I found I was worried over nothing. It was minimal discomfort and even that was completely gone after a week.

• The procedure was very quick (20 minutes from the moment that I was called in until the moment that I walked out). There was virtually no pain at all, and within 4 days I was completely back to normal. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Shu to anyone looking to have a vasectomy.

• super easy procedure

• I am very pleased with the procedure! It was as easy as 1,2,3 .

• Everything was real good except having to wait 30 min. past the scheduled appointment before getting in for procedure.

• Very easy procedure. Thanks to the staff for calming my nerves.

• It’s hard to rate the procedure. I didn’t enjoy it.

• I have recommended the office to several friends.

• I would highly recommend this type of vasectomy. A quick procedure,with very little pain and a fast recovery.

• Any fears about pain, mishaps, or the procedure were unnecessary. The entire experience was far more easier than I had anticipated. I highly recommended your clinic for anyone considering a vesectomy. Thank you.

• This was as easy and painless as it could possibly be. I also saved a TON of money over going to my regular doctor’s office. I am very happy with my decision.

• I should have had this done 30 years ago

• I could not believe how painless it was. I was worried about it for no reason. It was over in less than five minutes once from the time I was set on the table to the time i was

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