An Affordable and One Trip Vasectomy Care System in Minnesota

In the previous blog, we talked about the fear of pain, one of three most common road blockers for Minnesotan men hesitating to have a vasectomy. This blog talks about affordability and convenience in vasectomy care in Minnesota.

Not too long ago, there was no Internet, or very limited information on Internet. All medical information came from the words of doctors only. Therefore, the patients had to come to the doctor’s office for detailed counseling on sterilization. In the 21st century, medical information on the Internet has been exploding, including vasectomy information. The patients are able to study everything about vasectomy procedures as much as they want and take their time to make a wise decision on their family planning. As we all know, men are a different creature, and they hate coming to the doctor’s office three times for finishing the whole process of vasectomy care.

We understand men’s psychology. That is why One Stop Medical Center developed a powerful website,, with rich information on vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. All patients are required to review the important vasectomy information and watch a consultation video. A separate initial consultation is no longer required, although it is an option in certain special situations or per patient’s request. Dr. Shu will finalize the consultation on the same day of the surgery, so the patients don’t need another trip for the initial consultation. Moreover, the patients are able to register their vasectomy procedures by filling out the online registration form in the website.

Traditionally, the vasectomized patients need to bring specimen for semen analysis three months following the surgery. One Stop Medical Center developed a mailer system to eliminate another trip for patients. Patients who live far away may simply mail the specimen to the clinic instead of bringing it personally. Therefore, most patients are able to have a vasectomy done in just one trip to our clinic instead of three.

Our clinic used to charge much more for vasectomy procedure. In order to reduce the financial burden for our vasectomy patients, we cut the price of no scalpel vasectomy almost in half. This way, more men can afford to have their vasectomy done.

One Stop Medical Center has simplified the vasectomy care system to create a more affordable, friendly and convenient vasectomy care system.

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