Why Single Treatment Modality can’t Fix All Hemorrhoids

There are three types of hemorrhoids – internal, external, and mixed hemorrhoids that consist of both internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are graded from I to IV based on the degree of prolapse. Because no single treatment modality can fix all hemorrhoids, a true hemorrhoid clinic will offer multiple treatment modalities and options to meet a patient’s needs.

Years ago, an IRC-only hemorrhoid clinic at France Avenue closed its business because a family physician treated every hemorrhoid patient with the single modality – Infra-red coagulation (IRC), regardless of the severity, type of hemorrhoids, and associated anorectal conditions. Poor quality care leads to poor results.

Many patients with more advanced hemorrhoids need banding, and even the surgical excision of anal tags and external hemorrhoids. Many hemorrhoid patients have a comorbidity of anal fissure, fistula or anal warts, and need further management with special expertise for these associated medical problems.

Most hemorrhoid patients have the symptom of rectal bleeding; a high quality hemorrhoid clinic should offer colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer and other colon diseases.

No single treatment modality can fix all hemorrhoids or get rid of anorectal symptoms. Specialized hemorrhoid clinic should be able to offer multiple treatment modalities with cutting edge technologies to cure hemorrhoids and associated diseases.

One Stop Medical center provides premier one stop hemorrhoid care. Regardless of how severe your hemorrhoids are, what kind hemorrhoids, or any associated anorectal diseases, we are able to find a solution for you. Supported by an outstanding medical team and equipped with cutting edge technology, our state-of-the-art accredited surgical center sets the standard for patient safety and high quality medical care.

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