Laser Treatment of Nail Fungus in Minneapolis

Nail fungus is a common nail problem and a humiliating physical defect. There is a process that all infected nails go through. First, the nail changes color, then grows thicker. As the infected area worsens, the nail becomes more fragile and parts break off, or in extreme cases, the whole nail falls off or severely deformed. If the problem is not solved, pain and secondary inflammation sets in. The toes look more unattractive. Sometimes, nail fungus could cause extreme pain due severe nail deformities.

Nail fungus frequently develop in the healthy people in Minnesota. Common risk factors include heavy perspiration or excessive moisture, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, athlete’s foot, trauma, poor blood circulation and weakened immunity to infection. If left untreated for months, more severe infections occur, especially if certain medical conditions with immunosuppression are involved. People with cancer, diabetes or AIDS have the greatest difficulties in eradicating the problem.

The diagnosis of nail fungus is usually made clinically, lab tests can be made occasionally. Treatment is problematic if the infection is severe or deeply rooted, removing all of the symptoms and clearing fungus is a slow process that takes up to one year.

The Procedure Clinic in Minneapolis and St. Paul has medical professionals who are qualified to recommend the best solutions. Nail laser treatment offers a new alternative to traditional oral or topical medications, which carries a risk of liver damage and poor efficacy. Laser treatments of nail fungus typically take 15 minutes for up to 10 toes. Most patients in Minnesota need two to three treatments.

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