Nail Fungus Complications | Minneapolis & St. Paul

Many people in Minnesota think that the nail fungal infections are mostly an aesthetic problem, they don’t realize that nail fungus can also lead to several health problems. It is important to treat nail fungus as quickly as possible as it may cause permanent damage to the nail and more serious complications in the certain immunosuppressed peoples.

If the patients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas have a suppressed immune system due to medications, diabetes or other conditions such as, AIDS, leukemia or have had an organ transplant, you are at more serious risk for an infection that can spread beyond your toe nails.

A person with diabetes can have issues with their blood circulation and nerve supply to their feet. They are also at greater risk for getting a bacterial skin infection called cellulitis. With diabetes any minor injury to the feet or a fungal infection, can be serious and potentially lead to major health issues and extensive medical treatment. If you suspect a fungal infection, please come to see us, the laser treatment is new effective way to treat nail fungus.

Following are some of the risks and complications associated with them. The list illustrates why early and effective treatment is so important.
• Deformity. The deformities could be in the form of ridges in the nail as it grows out or a bend in the middle of the nail that is not going away.
• Pain. The deformities lead to ingrown toenails that cause pain and nail fold infection (paronychia).
• Emotionally distressing. Almost half of people with nail fungus said the condition had negatively affected their self-image.
• A spreading of the fungual infection. Without treatment, your nail fungal infection is likely to spread to other nails—and to other people in your household.
• Cellulitis with a bacterial infection. Fungal nail infections leave skins more susceptible to bacterial infections – cellulitis, the immunosuppressed patients are more vulnerable.

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