Vasectomy and Sexual Heath | Minneapolis

Many men in Minnesota worry about how a vasectomy will affect their sex drive. Will I be able to have an erection, or ejaculate? How will it affect being able to have an orgasm? Will I still have a sex drive? The good news is that there is no relationship between a vasectomy and sex drive because there are no physiological changes that take place during a vasectomy, and the testicles and adrenal glands continue to manufacture testosterone hormone. Testosterone also controls masculinity that is why the sex drive and masculinity are not affected by the surgery, either. It will not interfere with the blood vessels or the nerves that are responsible for having an erection and ejaculation.  Men after vasectomy in Minneapolis and St Paul areas will still have the same ability to maintain an erection and reach the orgasm.  The color and consistency of the semen after vasectomy are not changed since the semen mainly comes from the prostrate and seminal vesicles which are not affected by the vasectomy.

It takes a few months of testing to determine that there are no more sperm present in the semen. Once that is established couples do not have to worry about using another method of birth control.  It has been reported by both men and women that their sex life improved after a vasectomy, most of the vasectomy patients in One Stop Medical Center reported similar results. There is no more anxiety over an unplanned pregnancy and the sex drive has not decreased.

Besides the initial mild swelling and aching right after no scalpel vasectomy, most men recover very quickly and return to work in a few days. Very few men in Minnesota may experience occasional mild aching in their testicles during sexual intercourse within a few months of vasectomy.

What a vasectomy does is prevent the sperm from being able to fertilize an egg. A man will no longer be able to father a child. Since a vasectomy is more of a permanent form of sterilization, it should be seriously and thoroughly discussed between husband and wife and medical professionals in the initial counseling, and all concerns such as; lowered sex drive, any pain related to the surgery, and reversibility, should be addressed.

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