The Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ (EHC)

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One Stop Medical Center invites you to experience an elevated level of care for your hemorrhoid treatments, with Minnesota’s first ever Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ Experience.

For nearly 20 years, Dr.Steven Shu has been providing exceptional hemorrhoid care utilizing the state-of-the-art medical techniques and technology available. Now he and his team offer Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ , a new care delivery system for hemorrhoid treatment with minimal invasive procedures, including Infrared Coagulation (IRC), rubber band ligation, and modified hemorrhoidectomy. It is an efficient system that requires only one trip. We provide patients a new experience in hemorrhoid care, from procedure through recovery. These advancements reduce discomfort, time, decrease the chance of complication and reduce the total recovery time.

At One Stop Medical Center, we understand that while hemorrhoid care may be necessary for you, you may still have some concerns. What are the benefits of the Easy Hemorrhoid Care™? What are differences between the Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ and the routine hemorrhoid care? Will I be more uncomfortable? How long will the Easy Hemorrhoid Care take? How long will my recovery time be? Fortunately, our exclusive upgraded hemorrhoid care packages are for you.

For the first time in Minnesota, a personalized approach to meet your specific hemorrhoid care requirements is now available! The Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ Experience has been designed to take the stress and worry out of your hemorrhoid treatment. This package provides the most comfortable and seamless hemorrhoid care experience possible, with enhanced, customized hemorrhoid care, saving you precious time in your busy schedule.

Benefits of the Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ (EHC)

In the standard hemorrhoid care, the patients with hemorrhoids require multiple office visits with Infrared Coagulation and/or rubber banding ligation for their internal hemorrhoid treatments, followed by external hemorrhoidectomy and/or excision of anal tags. It is a long process, but it is usually covered by your medical insurance.

The Easy Hemorrhoid Care™ (EHC) is a specially designed hemorrhoid care delivery system that aims to shorten the whole process of hemorrhoid treatment, to reduce discomfort, the chance of complications, and total recovery time. It is an efficient system that requires only one trip where you receive premium medical care, but it is not covered by your insurance.

Standard Hemorrhoid Care Easy Hemorrhoid Care™
Initial consultation Yes Yes, or Combined with the procedures
Treatment Visits Multiple, at least 5 times One time
Pain Experience Each treatment, multiple times One time
Total Recovery Longer Shorter
Healing Process Intermittent, 3 months 2-3 weeks
Cost Covered by medical insurance Not covered by medical insurance ($1923 without excision, $2773 with excision)
Level of Care Standard care Premium Care

For the complete information on hemorrhoids, please go to the website