Toenail Removal

Ingrown Toenail. An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail edge is damaged, and the nail no longer fits properly into the side groove. The nail curls down and digs into the skin, causing pain, swelling, redness, and drainage. Sometimes a piece of nail becomes embedded in the side tissue, and the tissue becomes raised and inflamed

There are many causes for ingrown nails, but the two most common ones are poorly-fitting shoes and improperly trimmed nails.

Ingrown Toenail

If you have mild ingrown toenail, you may soak your foot in warm water and put dry cotton under the corner of the nail. If the nail worsens, you may experience increased pain, swelling, and drainage, and an antibiotic ointment may be needed. Surgical removal of part of the nail is often required for most cases.


What kind anesthesia for the toenail surgery?

We use a special digital nerve block, called ring block, with 2% Lidocaine for the better anesthetic result.

What is the recommended surgical procedure for ingrown nails?

A small portion of the lateral side of the nail is removed, destroying the nail bed beneath. The toe is numbed, and the toenail is cut to create a new, straight nail edge. The cells underneath the nail will create a new lateral nail and must be destroyed (Matrixectomy), along with any tissue heaped on the side of the nail. The toe is then bandaged for a few weeks.

What is the recovery time from my surgery?

Keep your foot elevated for a few hours and rest the day of the surgery, but you can return to work or school after that. Do not run or do vigorous exercise for two weeks after the surgery. The wound may take a few weeks to heal.

What are the most common complications from the surgery?

The most common complicating is the infection because the nail fold is chronically infected; most patients need to take antibiotics to prevent infection after the surgery.

Can ingrown toenails be prevented?

It’s easiest just to properly trim your nails. You should cut straight across, with the corners of the nail protruding from the end of the toe. Do not peel or pick at your toenails.