Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ Instructions

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Before Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ

  1. Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia (you will not be put to sleep), no special laboratory tests are required.
  2. Have a hearty breakfast and lunch on the day of the procedure but try to limit fluid consumption. You will be asked to empty your bladder just before the reversal, but then you will not have an opportunity to urinate for the next 3 hours. Were you to drink a lot of fluids beforehand, you might make enough urine during the procedure that your bladder would become uncomfortably full.
  3. Please shave the scrotum and take a good shower before you leave home for vasectomy reversal. You will be asked to refrain from doing so again until 2 days after your procedure.
  4. Arrange to have someone drive you home or back to your hotel. That person need not wait around during your procedure, but should pick you up about 3 hours later.
  5. Do not take any aspirin-containing medication for 5 days before the procedure. Aspirin has a slight effect on blood clotting mechanisms and can promote bleeding.

After Easy Vasectomy ReversalⓇ

  1. You will go directly home (or back to your hotel room) and minimize activity. Spend the evening in bed or on a sofa (your scrotum should be as high as your heart to minimize scrotal venous pressure and bleeding), doing nothing more than reading or watching television.
  2. Take the antibiotics on schedule.
  3. The scrotal support should be left on during bowel movements.
  4. If you have any discomfort at all, plain Tylenol will help, no aspirin. We may provide a prescription for pain pills, but most patients don’t need them.
  5. Keep the gauze for 48 hours
  6. Keep the small wound clean, apply antibiotic ointment daily.
  7. Two days after the procedure, you may take a shower. Wear the scrotal support for 21 days (3 weeks), day and night (except during showers) for 10 days, then daytime only.
  8. It is normal to have some discoloration of the skin around the incision. Sometimes, this discoloration even extends part way down the shaft of the penis.
  9. You may return to light work on the 5th post-operative day (wearing the scrotal support), but lift no more than 20 pounds for additional 2 weeks.
  10. You may resume intercourse 21 days (3 weeks) after the procedure. You may notice some blood in the ejaculate; this is no cause for concern.
  11. Semen analysis will be performed in 6 weeks after your reversal, you may repeat semen analyses as instructed. Remember, it is important to abstain from intercourse for 2-3 days prior to providing a semen sample. On the day of the reversal, you will be given a request for a formal semen analysis to be performed on a fresh semen sample at a lab near your home. Insurance will often cover lab tests.