More People in Minnesota had colonoscopy exam

More and more adults in their 50s get the colonoscopy screening exam in Minnesota because of public education given by doctors, healthcare systems, media and insurance companies. Having this type of procedure performed at this age is an important part of preventing, diagnosing and treating colon cancer. A family history of colon cancer may trigger your doctor to prescribe the test in your younger years. Colon cancer is a life threatening illness, but it is preventable. A colonoscopy will allow the doctor to see directly into the colon, so that polyps and tumors can be diagnosed and treated early.

A narrow tube with a lighted camera on the end is inserted into the colon. This is usually done under light conscious sedation, so that the patient is comfortable and can be monitored by the doctor. There is debate on the overuse of intravenous sedation in the medical community and insurance companies. More and more doctors are using lighter sedation, and sometimes even no sedation in the selective cases under the patients’ consent.

Doctors will biopsy anything they find suspicious during colonoscopy. Polyps that are detected need to be removed. The specimen is sent to the pathological lab to rule out malignant changes. Colonoscopy also detects the bowel inflammatory disease, gastrointestinal hemorrhages, and diverticulosis as well.

There are complications from a colonoscopy including perforation, bleeding, or the potential for infection, so following doctor’s orders after the procedure is always recommended. One Stop Medical Center offers the convenient colonoscopy in the Edina Office with the affordable price and quick recovery.

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