"Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients (3)"

  • This is the exact type of experience I had hoped for previously, but had not received. I was not looking for a consult or counseling, I just wanted the procedure to be done. The provider asked all the right questions to make sure I was sure I wanted to get the procedure done and did the procedure. Total time spent in the providers office was less than 30 minutes. Recovery was easy and pain during the procedure and during recovery was minimal. I am very happy that I found this solution.
  • Very quick and easy procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Shu.
  • Overall great experience! Easy scheduling, excellent communication and follow-up. Nice facility with friendly staff. Dr. Shu was very professional, careful and thoughtful. Nearly painless procedure and far better than expected post-procedure comfort and recovery time. I highly recommend Dr. Shu!
  • I was pleasantly surprised. I expected lots of post procedure discomfort. I experienced minimal soreness.
  • Tender for a couple weeks but never any serious pain. Wish I had done it way earlier. Procedure seemed to take less than 5 minute.
  • Made my procedure go as smooth as possible. I highly recommend this place. 10/10

"Here is the proof that it really does work"

Thank you again for the reversal. Here is the proof that it really does work.


"Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients (2)"

  • I was very nervous about having the procedure done but Dr. Schu was very professional and put me at ease. There was literally no pain whatsoever and the recovery time was very quick. I would highly recommend his services. Also the office was very warm and inviting and the staff were very friendly.
  • Easy start to finish
  • It was a piece of cake. I was so anxious up to and most of the way through the procedure, but it was done quickly and as easy as I hoped.
  • Amazing should have did it years ago.
  • It was a breeze! 7 minutes and I was in and out. Very little pain, and after taking it easy for a couple days I was right back into my regular schedule. Highly recommended!
  • Already have recommended to friends
  • Should of done this sooner! Very fast, easy and painless.
  • The procedure was fast, convenient and the pain was minimal (less than I expected). Happy with the decision to chose this procedure and this Dr.
  • Had a little more pain post-vasectomy than anticipated. And occasional pain a couple times in the few weeks after the procedure. Otherwise it went well.
  • I would recommend all my friends to Dr. Shu.

"Thank you for everything!!!"

Hey Dr. Shu, we didn't go to a lab for a formal semen analysis but as you can see we don't need one. Thank you for everything!!!

- Alex V, Nevada

"Feedback From Our Vasectomy Patients! (1)"

  • I found I was worried over nothing. It was minimal discomfort and even that was completely gone after a week.
  • The procedure was very quick (20 minutes from the moment that I was called in until the moment that I walked out). There was virtually no pain at all, and within 4 days I was completely back to normal. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Shu to anyone looking to have a vasectomy.
  • super easy procedure
  • I am very pleased with the procedure! It was as easy as 1,2,3
  • Everything was real good except having to wait 30 min. past the scheduled appointment before getting in for procedure.
  • Very easy procedure. Thanks to the staff for calming my nerves.
  • I have recommended the office to several friends.
  • I would highly recommend this type of vasectomy. A quick procedure,with very little pain and a fast recovery.
  • Any fears about pain, mishaps, or the procedure were unnecessary. The entire experience was far more easier than I had anticipated. I highly recommended your clinic for anyone considering a vesectomy. Thank you.
  • This was as easy and painless as it could possibly be. I also saved a TON of money over going to my regular doctor's office. I am very happy with my decision.
  • I should have had this done 30 years ago
  • I could not believe how painless it was. I was worried about it for no reason. It was over in less than five minutes once from the time I was set on the table to the time i was

"2 pregnancy test show she is pregnant. Thank you for your help in making this happen!"

Dr. Shu, just wanted to give you a quick update on my reversal that was done the 3rd of June. All swelling and most all bruising has been gone for quite some time now. For the most part I feel the same as I did before the procedure. It still feels like my spermacle is still a bit larger than it was before, and I'm still just as sensitive on my left side as I was before too.

That being said, my wife missed her period at the beginning of August and 2 pregnancy test show she is pregnant. We have the first doctor appointment in 2 weeks. Thank you for your help in making this happen!

- T. O. Minnesota

"My Daughter is now 2 months old. Thank you!!!!"

- J.L. Minnesota

"New Baby!"

Here is our new baby conceived after vasectomy reversal!! Thank you dr shu!

- John D. Minnesota

"We are now super excited about our new baby girl, due Nov 2016!!!!"

My partner had his Vasectomy reversed after seven years by Dr. Shu last August. We are now super excited about our new baby girl, due Nov 2016!!!! The experience was very pleasant, considering what it was, and he was comfortable during and after the procedure. Thank you, Dr. Shu!!! - B. L. Montana

"This was the least painful visit I have ever had to any doctors office!"

Easier than I could have ever expected. Everyone was very courteous and friendly. This was the least painful visit I have ever had to any doctors office!! -

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